Over the years, this establishment has seen many changes. From a tiny beer bar to a modern Tavern, supper club and banquet facility, one thing has never changed, the people. The patrons who have kept this place alive and fun!

The original building, called the Knotty Pine Bar with its pinewood walls, was built in 1946 by Anton and Felix Bowman. Customers bought five cent beers and five cent candy bars. From the very beginning, everyone knew they were welcome here.

In 1971, the little beer bar was purchased by Duane Bohman, who named it The Fresh Country Aire. After a few years, Duane obtained a liquor license and a little corner pub was the home of the neighborhood.

During the mid-70s, Duane worked on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and in 1989 he help scour the beaches during the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Through his Alaska years, Duane dreamed to build bigger and better in a 1997, his dream finally came true. With the help of many, he completely rebuilt the pub and added the dining and banquet halls you enjoy today. Welcome to The Fresh Country Aire!